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General / 29 August 2018

Blog 01 / Sketchbook Kit

So for start, Thought to share things I'm using the most! 

First of all its good to mention that I try to keep up sketching and doodling constantly on daily basis, especially when I'm pretty busy with client work, it's kinda refreshing between work and sort of archiving ideas for later, Its also feels good when you do things traditionally as well, not saying that its bad when its digital but putting yourself in that position to know if you mess something up the whole thing is gonna be useless is good, makes you think more.

Its something that I do for client works as well, doing small thumbnails, quick compositions, sketching before getting into computer always helpful before starting a project, and for me it doesn't have to look good, it needs to be useful for my project, sometimes they may look like crappy thumbnails but they carrying some useful information in case of design or compositional guide for my work! 

Now lets move to my main tools, I'm carrying 3 sketchbook at the moment, its good to mention that I use to sketch small, so I hate big papers, my main 2 sketchbooks are 8.5x5 Inches which being separated for Urban live doodling and daily sketches! 

I also have a 11x8.5 inches sketchbook which is mainly for my explorations and crappy ones! doodles, thumbnails, compositions and basically anything experimental happens in that sketch book, sometimes I may like an idea and I reproduce it in my main sketch book! 

Here is a photo of all three sketch books together, From left to right : main sketch book, Doodles and Ideas sketchbook in middle and Urban sketches on the right one.

 Now lets share some main tools here, I mostly work with inks, so basically I try to not use pencils often, its risky yes, i cant control my bloody mistakes but i learn to control it helps me to think more, (I do use pencils mostly on my urban sketching since I had to make some guide lines for perspectives and position of elements) 

Here is a picture of my most being used tools here, from left to right : MUJI ball point pens (really good stuff), Artline ( I do have various sizes for this but mainly using 0.2 on my small sketchbooks), Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen, and lastly Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush which I filled it with black ink and water to reduce the opacity ( mostly using it as pencil to draw the first lines or some mid shadows on my sketches, really coming handy) 

Now lets share some samples here before I get into posting stuff: 

Here is a sample of reproducing a sketch from my Idea's sketch book into the main one: 

  Some samples of Ballpoint MUJI PENs : 

Ok now some samples for doodles and crappy ones that I mentioned, these are the exploration before my projects, pretty small and crappy but comes with some useful information! Mostly using that Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush and MUJI pen





And a few samples for Urban sketching, these are mostly live at the spot or I took a photo from streets and sketch base on them! 

Ok so I will soon share some pages of my main sketchbook and Urban sketchbook and will break it down deeper with more content,  more thinking process and doodles which turns into final artwork and etc...its just the start so stay tune  I hope this blog becoming a useful thing for you guys, if you have any question just leave it here :) 

Amir Out.