SketchBook Tour 01

General / 13 January 2019


Blog 02 / Sketchbook Tour 01 

Preparing this blog almost took me 4 Hours, so please read and share if you find it useful. 

Following the last blog which I promised to start sharing more about my thinking process and sketches behind my work I finally found some time to post this one. Now i know that i promised almost four months ago but believe me, the past few months were rough. I've been so busy with life events and client's works and they are coming back again so i had to add another chapter here. 

For those who read this, i strongly suggest you check the last blog post too because some of the titles have been explained there. 

First of all, i would like to explain that i've set a  new routine for myself since 2019, I already been sketching and making thumbnails in my sketchbooks which were imaginary, but now i started drawing every night from real life or reference. it's an amazing exercise which helps you to understand forms, shapes and proportions. now i've been going to live drawing sessions on weekly basis or urban sketching from time to time but this new routine is absolutely working since so many of us caught up with digital works... That been said, i've included some of those exercises as well.


As i mentioned, I do these every day. Basically drawing animals, Bones, Plants and etc..

Some of them are on scratch papers created by B6 Pencil, some others are Direct Ink using Brush pen. I've managed to capture them and put them all together in a nice new layout for you to see them all in one place...

First Two are B6 and had an additional retouch additional touches in Tayasui Sketch App 

 Last one is with Ink and brush pen, directly without Pencil within a short amount of time.



So these are some of the thumbnails that I've created using my Inks and brush pen. most of the time before working on something personal, i do manage to create couple of these, sometimes i do study from movies or photos. 

 More Doodles 



Some more sketches from my main sketchbooks, i already explained them in the last blog post so i'll cut it short. 

Using Muji Pen and Artline. 

I share some from 2017... 



 For This section, i did not have all my papers around so i had to use some of my data stored on my Computer. I used to go to live drawing sessions back in my home town with my friends, It was so much fun and i must admit that i missed it so much.  

These are drawing's within a timeline of 30 seconds to 1 minute, sometimes more but i used Inks Directly to draw those, it's hard a bit because it's so risky to screw it up but at the same time makes you attention more and think more before you draw. there's no Crtl+Z here to help you out. 



Last but not least, some stuff from Urban Sketchbook...

Dont panic when you see a blank page, just fill it up with anything you find from all around you. do it on daily basis if you can. dont try to draw something good or pretty, try to understand the shapes, forms, study light and most importantly Enjoy drawing! 

It's important to relax and enjoy while you work. i coulnt enjoy drawing when i first started, because i wanted to draw pretty things, i didnt care about deeper meditation, i was only focused on the surface. pretty hatching, stylization and etc... but now it becomes more clear that i have to enjoy and learn while i'm doing it. style and pretty stuff will come eventually. 

 So Another blog comes to an end, I hope you find it useful and interesting. please don't forget to send feedback or questions. We artists need feedbacks. 

I hope to create another Blog soon, I already have a plan for it.  

Wish you all the Best.